Barang Kemas Wanita

Glamira ialah tempat yang betul untuk wanita yang bijak dan elegan untuk mencari barangan kemas wanita yang pelbagai dan berkualiti tinggi untuk diri mereka yang berharga.

Women’s jewellery

    Peneman seumur hidup anda..Semoga cincin perkahwinan anda melambangkan putaran cinta dan tiada henti dan kemewahan dnegan menbuatkan mereka diukir dengan mesej pilihan anda.


    Melibatkan seseorang yang sepatutnya lahir di cincin jari kiri yang dipercayai salur cinta. Dengan cara ini,pasangan dipercayai akan bersatu hati. Melambangkan kesetiaan anda dengan cincin pertunangan seumur hidup.

  • barang kemas berlian berwarna

    barang kemas berlian berwarna
    Mewah dan elegan...sempurna untuk semangat unik anda. Pilihlah untuk menjadi luar biasa dan terokai koleksi Barang Kemas Berlian Berwarna kami!

  • Barang Kemas Inisial & Nama

    Barang Kemas Inisial & Nama
    Sebentuk barang kemas yang luar biasa apabila ia diukir dengan inisial atau perkataan yang menggambarkan emosi anda.


    Sebentuk barang kemas yang mewah yang akan menambahkan nilai bidadari ke atas gaya anda, Terokai koleksi gelang kaki kami dan layan diri anda yang akan membuat anda diawang-awangan..


    Kadangkala sisi yang elok hanya cukup untuk menyerlahkan gaya dan sikap anda. Terokai jenis-jenis cincin buku jari kami untuk sebentuk yang halus dan indah yang direka untuk memenuhi semangat anda.


    Mutiara, rekaan Enamel dan Cincin Dwi-guna - semua yang anda perlukan unutk membuat impian barang kemas anda menjadi nyata. Lupakan yang biasa-biasa, terokai koleksi kami dan pilihlah rekaan gaya yang jarang.


    Jika anda sukakan kemudahan dalam hidup, Barang Kemas Bereka Bentuk Kosong di GLAMIRA akan mendefinisikan semula gaya anda.

  • Gelang

    Hanya dengan satu setuhan,anda akan menjadi lebih bergaya..Sinarkan gelang anda dengan pelbagai permata dan lakukan sentuhan terakhir!


    Pin hidung yang direka dengan indah untuk peminat keseronokan dan kemahuan tinggi mereka! Buatlah perubahan dan pilih sebentuk barang kemas yang unik yang semakin mendapat perhatian di kalangan semua peringkat umur.


    Sama ada untuk ibu anda, rakan atau kekasih;tandakan cinta anda! Ia merupakan sebentuk rekaan yang hebat untuk diberikan kepada seseorang sebagai nikmat yang tidak boleh dilupakan.

Women's Jewellery by GLAMIRA

There is a world to discover of women's jewellery at GLAMIRA. Why settle for what everyone else is wearing when you can create your own style with simply a few clicks? You are special and you know it. So your jewellery should reflect that. Long gone are the days of costume jewellery and cheap imitations. You want the real thing now. Real precious metals, real precious gemstones. Your expression is real and so also should your jewellery. You can make it all yours and then some. What about giving a gift to the woman you love that is unequalled anywhere? You have total control of what metals and gems that you want and how they are to be set. From gold and platinum to diamonds and rubies. Every possible colour of gemstone is available to make you or your loved one smile when they see the colours they love brought to life in jewellery made just for them.

GLAMIRA is the world's leader in personalised women's jewellery and you can find it making its mark in countries around the world. When it comes to personalisation, you make the calls on the precious metal or alloy, the precious or semi precious gemstones and even engraving of a quote or just words special to you and yours. When you place your order online, you know you will actually be creating a work of art, and not just a piece of jewellery.

When it comes to customised women's jewellery there is no place other than GLAMIRA to set the standard of perfection. When you customise a piece of jewellery from a wide variety of collections and design, you then take those base designs and then make it your trademark of fashion, success, respect, or love. There are so many options to customise an item, and you are in full control to make your one of a kind piece of jewellery a family legacy heirloom. It is all yours to create. Don't trust your custom work to just anyone. You can have the best of everything from metals to precious gems. All it takes is your wishes and style to make your own jewellery come alive. What better feeling can there be than knowing your jewellery is one of a kind, just like yourself! Or if it is a gift, imagine how precious your customised gift would be to that special someone in your life.

High-end women jewellery has in the past only been found in designer shops in the world’s major fashion cities. Those cities are usually in far, far away lands. Those days are now gone and it could not be more convenient to shop. Now, you can buy the world's most luxurious jewellery right from your computer, tablet or phone. Anywhere in the world! You deserve the brightest diamonds and gemstones and size is no worry as GLAMIRA can source practically any stone that is available from reliable precious gemstone dealers around the world. From dealers that do not sell conflict gemstones. Making a statement of love or fashion can be made with no worry at all.

Are you looking for rings for women that make a statement? Or are you looking for a ring that will say “I love you”? Or one that says I want you forever? How about someone special that you feel would be more complete with a ring especially designed for her? Whatever statement you want to share or make, GLAMIRA has diamond and gemstone women's jewellery for any occasion.

One of the most favourite gifts a woman can receive is a necklace or a pendant. At GLAMIRA, necklaces for women are a popular favourite for sure. Browse from the comfort of wherever you are to find the perfect gift for that special someone, special family member, special friend... Or, for yourself! Of course, you can select from a wide variety of designs and they, of course, can be customised in any way that you wish! Select gold, or even platinum for your metal! Then diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires or any precious gemstone you love. Choose even a few gemstones to brighten up any deary day. You can make the necklace as personal as your imagination can create, and you can customise it even further with engraving a favourite quote, names or important dates or adding additional accent gems as well! Diamonds are said to be a woman's best friend. But the best place to show them is from a lovely set of earrings. Earrings for women are one of the best ways to show-off you've got what it takes when it comes to fashion. So why settle for less than earrings that make your statement loud and proud! Make a statement that highlights your face and hair in no other way. As a gift or for yourself, earrings are always a sublime way to spice things up. Why not add some gemstones that can set your mood or event? From fiery rubies or elegant deep blue sapphires. You can even custom design even a few more pairs to be ready for any occasion.

When you want gold, you want gold. There is no alternative. However, what kind of gold do you want? You have many choices to make now. How about white gold women jewellery? White gold is a wonderful alternative to yellow gold. All the same feel and lustre and a unique colour that will delight the senses! A truly soft colour when compared to yellow gold and your friends will be asking you a lot of questions about it. Set a standard for fashion. Of course, you can pick any design or item and then customise it by selecting the metal or alloy of your choice. White gold is a favourite for many.

Are you someone who has more than one style? One that can be modern one moment and retro the next? How about adding some rose gold women jewellery to your collection? Rose gold is a wonderful metal alloy that gives your style a whole new way of presenting itself. Modern designs, celtic designs, antique designs. All are yours with GLAMIRA.

Tried and true, yellow gold women jewellery is the most recognisable metal in the world. Nothing says more in jewellery than yellow gold. You can choose from any carat of yellow gold as well. Of course, you can design your dream jewellery by finding a design and then personalising it with your birthstone and for a final custom touch, add any accompanying precious stones to make it one of a kind item. At GLAMIRA, every item is custom made to order. There are no off the shelf pieces to find. All are crafted by expert goldsmiths, and designers. Many of the best in the world in fact! GLAMIRA is not just gold. Each and every metal has unique properties and the craftsmen at GLAMIRA know them all.

Yes, a diamond is only a diamond. But when you create a customised and personalised item a diamond speaks more than words. So it is time to look at diamond women’s jewellery in a new way. You can make the diamond the centrepiece, or, you can emblazon your precious gemstones in a ring of diamonds! The choice is yours. GLAMIRA knows that diamonds are as individual as you. So travelling the world over for perfect diamonds are all part of the promise to you in finding the best quality diamonds in the carats and cuts you may desire. Each and every diamond is inspected by GLAMIRA's experts for clarity, colour and cut.

Hey, it's great to be back in black, or the black sheep and nothing says that better than black diamond jewellery from GLAMIRA. Black diamonds are truly a stunning addition to your jewellery chest. Of course, they won’t sit there much after you find yourself in the spotlight with friends and family. Black diamonds are exquisite on their own or with other gemstones.

There is something about a gemstone for women in their jewellery. Just the thought of rubies and opals, and emeralds, and even sapphires. All bring to mind princes and princesses, kings and queens, as well as treasures and castles. Why not plan your next piece of jewellery to be something from your own fairytale? You can select from any gemstone imaginable to have placed on your customised ring, necklace, pendant, brooch or bracelet. The choice is always yours. If rainbows are your thing, almost every colour of the rainbow is available in precious gems! Show your significant other that they're the only one for you. You want them forever and a day!

There is no other way to describe a certain hue of green other than with an emerald. Emerald women’s jewellery is one of the finest ways to express nature’s official colour! From eyes to trees, we all see green as likely one of the most important colours. Make emerald green your colour! You can have emeralds as the centrepiece of your personalised creation or as a supplementary gemstone to any setting. Emeralds are also one of the best gifts and the colour of emeralds will never go out of style.

When blue is your colour, you are in luck when it comes to gemstones as sapphire women jewellery is one of the finest compliments to add to your jewellery collection. Imagine the colour of the sky, or the ocean blue. Sapphires are likely the most precious of precious gemstones to most people! The gem that is both beautiful as a centrepiece or as an accent to any design you choose. Select the size and cut of your sapphires to suite your style and statement. Big and bold or small and stunning. Sapphires are truly a feast for the eyes. Match them up with emeralds, rubies or other precious gemstones and your customised fashion accessory will become a one of a kind personalised item.

When you think of the colour red, there is no other gem that comes to mind other than the ruby. Ruby women’s jewellery is like fire in a stone. It is the fire and passion that you can show to the world in fine jewellery from GLAMIRA. Customise and personalise your design on the website. Large rubies, small rubies and rubies of practically any size can be mounted on your design. With rubies, you can choose deep red or almost pink tones to accent or be the centrepiece of your creation. Rubies are red like roses and immediately say “love”. So if you are planning the perfect gift to the one you love, rubies say it best. A rose that will last forever is the perfect way to say “I will love you forever”. How about rubies in a rose pattern with a diamond centre? It's all up to you and your creativity!

There is no better way to share the importance of a loved one or family members than with birthstone jewellery. Birthstones set in a piece of jewellery share in the connection we have with each other. As a gift with a person's stone to let them know they know who you are. What about a gift for mom with all her children's birthstones is a wonderful idea to say “we love you mom.” Now that, would make a wonderful gift. It is always a great way to share the birth of friends as well. It is always important to make sure you get the right stone. Do you know these are the gems used for birthstones around the world? Sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, diamond, garnet, onyx, opal, pearl, peridot, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, and zircon.

GLAMIRA will help you make the correct choice of birthstone for anyone anywhere in the world. Remember, GLAMIRA will deliver your goods to wherever you want!